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Rizhao Yidong Fitness Goods Co.,Ltd

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Kettlebell Rack

Kettlebell Rack

Product Detail(Kettlebell Rack ):

kettlebell rack product introduction:Frame materials for bold Kettlebell steel, thickened plate pad, can be placed on a variety of specifications Kettlebell, gym, home can.Product details:1, thickened plate pad: strip lines increase the friction, to put more stable urodochium.2, bold pipe: pipe bold, gloss, strong and durable.3, thickening pad: pad size: 16*10cm, supporting 9mm small diameter hole, can be permanently fixed on the ground.4, professional screw fixation: supporting professional screw fixation, equipment more firmly fixed, placed more secure.Dumbbells and barbells training, from the structure, center of gravity to lift the weight in the body of the palm center of gravity center of gravity and the body is one, we use the joint as a fulcrum to start so heavy, barbells and dumbbells in the press, pull as the main way. But the Kettlebell knob design, let it focus on outside the human body (below the wrist), you put your hand to seize it, your body may be out of balance, because the focus of dumbbell workout in the accident, so "sloshing motion" and "swinging" mode is much more in training pay attention to the overall strength and power delivery.Because of this focus on the shift in our core workout time needs to mobilize more deep muscles to maintain the balance of the body, some deep muscles also added to maintain osmotic stability and passive power, trajectory control in external focus, the need to mobilize the legs (especially hamstring) traction and waist group. So the external oblique and serratus anterior muscle group was also dry down tension.
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